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Student/Co-op Positions

In general, D-Pace will accept resumes for students in the following disciplines (depending on co-op position preferences):

  • Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Physics.
  • Sciences: Physics, Computer, other sciences if relevant to position.


  • General: We will accept resumes in general throughout the year as a single PDF:
    • “academicyear-surname-firstname-general.pdf”
  • Co-op Position Specific: Please submit resume with as a single PDF:
    • “academicyear-surname-firstname-positiontitle.pdf”
  • Submit Resumes to:


D-Pace supplies products to the international commercial particle accelerator industry. Our areas of expertise include beamline systems, beam diagnostic devices, solid target stations, and ion sources for research, industrial, and commercial accelerator systems.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters creativity, innovation, and effectiveness.

2024 Student Wages for Science & Engineering at D-Pace

Note: if position uses funding that requires an education institution, then the wages are determined by the educational institution and not D-Pace. Each position ad will specify the wage range for that position.

Institution Co-op Fees

D-Pace will reimburse all co-op institution fees for every student.

What we look for

  • You have an agile, growth-oriented mindset. We’re looking for people who look to improve the lives of those around them and understand the inherent potential of all people to grow given a reasonable chance. You enjoy designing complex products according to specifications, drawings, and instructions.
  • You are purpose driven. We’re looking for people who seek to define problems, before searching for an array of solutions. You understand the impact of your work on others and adapt to make the group more effective.
  • You are inclusive. You understand the value of tough conversations to question and re-think the status quo. You believe that diversity of experience and perspective brings strength and depth to the company by challenging our thinking and actions. You welcome different perspectives and have a curiosity to learn more.
  • You understand the importance of engagement in communication. We’re looking for people who naturally understand the impact of tone, behaviour, attention, and eye contact when communicating.

May 2024 Co-op Position

Term: 4 months May-August 2024

Ad Closes Friday March 08, 2024

About the Job


  • Nelson, BC


  • Fourth Year Co-op: $31.5/hr
  • Third Year Co-op: $28/hr
  • Second Year Co-op: $24.5/hr

Fees: D-Pace will reimburse all co-op institution fees.

D-Pace is looking for an intermediate or senior-level science or engineering student to take on projects associated with our ion sources and beam line diagnostic instruments. Hands-on skills are required to build and test all aspects of project work. Communication & collaboration, documentation and presentation skills are essential. We are looking for a student that enjoys both the design process and hands-on work.

D-Pace will tailor projects suitable for student’s background and experience. Typically, we have a list of projects to choose from.

Example Projects:

  • (Physics Student) Improvements to Scanning Magnet Used for deflecting charged particle Beam
  • (Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Student) Scanning Magnet Thermal Characterization
  • (Engineering Physics) Thermal Profiles of Scanned Beam on Target


  • Build and test prototypes.
  • Conduct product testing and performance testing and document the results.
  • Project related calculations and analysis.
  • Project and task management for your project which will include status update meetings and design reviews.
  • Documentation management including electronic communication, electronic files, and physical project files.
  • Utilize electronic lab equipment to test and troubleshoot analog and digital circuits.
  • Safe, reliable, organized, and detail oriented.


  • Hands-on experience with mechanics and/or electronics.
  • Mechanical and/or electrical general design principles.
  • Understanding of wiring, pneumatic and hydraulic schematics and principles.
  • Good troubleshooting skills.
  • Use of mechanical metrology tools for part inspection and verification.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Good documentation skills for writing and editing reports, and procedures.
  • Be committed to confidentiality and integrity within a professional environment.
  • Work well within a diverse team.

Qualification Preferences

  • Preference to 3rd and 4th year students.
  • Preference to Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Physics for this position.

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