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D-Pace has the capabilities and experience to provide complete engineering services for charged particle transport systems, from concept to commissioning. Whether the project be an entire beamline system, a single magnet or diagnostics device, or engineering and consultation for an existing system or planning of a new project, D-Pace can help you to achieve your goals.


Our services include:

  • Ion-optical modeling.
  • Physics and engineering.
  • Mechanical and electrical design.
  • 3D modeling and drafting.
  • Equipment production and testing.
  • Installation and alignment support.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Project management and documentation.

Custom Equipment

D-Pace is experienced in designing and providing equipment such as:

  • Entire beamline systems.
  • Entire injection line systems.
  • Individual Magnets:
    • Dipoles
    • Quadrupoles
    • Solenoids
    • DC XY Steering
    • AC Scan
  • Diagnostic Devices:
    • Faraday Cups
    • Beam Stops
    • Slits
    • Collimators
  • Vacuum Chambers & Beam Pipes
  • Equipment Support and Alignment Structures

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Our Experience

D-Pace will work with you to develop a customized solution which will meet your needs. Our engineers and designers are experienced in working with common requirements of the commercial accelerator industry, such as:

  • High beam transmission / minimized beam loss.
  • Use of low activation and low neutron producing materials.
  • Use of radiation resistant materials.
  • Minimized maintenance time in radiation areas.
  • Use of materials and components compatible with HV and UHV environments.
  • Proper conductance design for vacuum pumping.
  • Adherence to high cleanliness standards, and avoidance of trapped volumes.
  • Best practices and procedures in working with accelerators.
  • Use of industrial grade, robust designs.
  • High emphasis on equipment reliability.
  • Knowledge and use of industry-standard components.

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D-Pace engineering and drafting teams are fully dedicated to particle beam and accelerator systems including magnets, vacuum chambers and support structures. 

Bill Buckley