Working for D-PACE


Technical Sales Coordinator

Closes Friday June 25, 2021


D-Pace supplies products to the international commercial accelerator industry. Our areas of expertise include beamline systems, beam diagnostic devices, and ion sources for research, industrial, and commercial accelerator systems.

What we look for

  • You have an agile, growth-oriented mindset. We’re looking for people who are frequently looking to improve the lives of those around them and understand the inherent potential of all people to grow given a reasonable chance.
  • You are curious and purpose driven. We’re looking for people who seek to define good problems, before searching for an array of solutions.
  • You are inclusive. We’re looking for people who are interested in defining and solving problems as a group where each member can take ownership and accountability without reprimand for mistakes, or divergent perspectives. You believe that diversity brings strength and depth to our thinking and actions.
  • You are dedicated to teaming. We’re looking for people who have the skills and the flexibility to act in moments of potential collaboration when and where they appear.
  • You understand the importance of engagement in communication. We’re looking for people who naturally understand the impact of tone, behaviour, attention, and eye contact when communicating.

What’s in it for you

  • Grow your technical capabilities and collaborative skills.
  • Broaden your horizons by working with clients across the globe and collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds — both professionally and culturally.
  • Competitive wages based on compensation surveys, experience, and knowledge.
  • Comprehensive benefits program.
  • Live in British Columbia Interior.
  • Work from home/office flexibility.

About the Job

  • Maintain CRM program to help manage current clients and potential new clients
  • Conference support person:
    • Planning
    • Papers & Presentations
    • Trip Report
    • Follow-up on leads
  • Website Content Management
  • Media & Adverts Coordination
  • Maintain Standard Product price list
  • Simple/Intermediate Complexity Quotes
    • Technical exchange with client
    • Technical exchange with internal staff
    • Seek final approvals
    • Project Hand-off to project managers
  • Assist in Grant/Report/Technical Paper write-ups
  • R&D Process planning and documentation
  • Assist Annual Strategic Sales & Marketing Planning
  • Standard Supply Chain Account Management tasks
  • Admin
    • Suggest ways to improve the office workflow, procedures and infrastructure.
    • General office duties to ensure the smooth operation of the office
    • Document Control
  • Travel Expectations: 0-4 global trips per year
  • Optional: Physics Oriented Tasks
    • Physics research projects
    • Physics teaching assistance
    • Physics contract work such as beamline modelling

Qualification Preferences

  • Bachelor of Science (Physics)
  • Have advanced written and verbal communication skills.
  • Possess strong dedication to teaming.
  • Be committed to confidentiality and integrity within a professional environment.

Cover Letter

In addition to the items that D-Pace should know about you, your cover letter shall specifically address the following items:

  1. Why you want to live/work in British Columbia's Kootenay region?
  2. Why is it important to be a generalist problem solver in a technical sales role?
  3. Why is it important to have a genuine interest in a client’s world instead of talking to them to find out how to sell them products?
  4. Why is confidentiality important in technical sales?
  5. Why do you want a career in sales?

How to Apply

Please submit resumes and cover letter as a single PDF document by email to
Only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted

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