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D-Pace Phase Space Analysis Software

  • Model #: ES-4 Soft
  • Last modification: Feb/23/2017

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D-Pace provides an Emittance and Phase Space Analysis software module with all of its emittance scanner systems. This module provides a means of analyzing emittance scanner data. It can be run independently, or launched from within the ES-4 Emittance Scanner control software. 

Emittance is a term used to describe the size of the beam in either the (x, x') or (y, y') phase spaces.  The emittance of a finite beam with a uniform charge distribution in phase space is well defined. However, as the charge density of most real beams is rarely uniform, the emittance of an actual beam must then be related to the fraction of particles included within an idealized beam ellipse.  Often an idealized ellipse of uniform charge density, defined by the 4rms emittance (computed from the real beam intensity distribution), is used in modeling calculations.  In the case of a beam having a Gaussian distribution, the 4rms emittance defines an idealized ellipse whose boundary contains approximately 86% of the real beam intensity.

This software provides a convenient method of performing these calculations.

  • x & x' profiles or y and y' 
  • 2D Phase Space Plot
  • 2D Contour Phase Space Plot with Emittance Ellipse
  • 3D Contour Phase Space Plot
  • TWISS Parameters
  • Geometric Emittance
  • Normalized Emittance
  • Transport Sigma Matrix
  • Beam Waist and Location

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