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Oscillating Wire Scanner Probe

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The D-Pace OWS-30 Oscillating Wire Scanner Probe performs two orthogonal intensity scans of a beam in one scanning operation. An interchangeable 0.5 mm diameter tungsten wire with two legs is pivoted about an axis within the case of the instrument. A high-sensitivity ammeter is used to measure the intercepted beam current. D-Pace can provide a custom vacuum box.1

The Wire Scanner Probe can be purchased separately, or D-Pace can provide a turnkey system, complete with the probe, current meter, PC, software, cables, and optional instrument rack. The software displays 2D intensity distributions in real time as scans are performed, allowing the operator to tune and center beams. A single oscillation results in two passes of both legs of the scanning wire through the beam.

The OWS-30 Oscillating Wire Scanner Probe is under a TRIUMF technology license.

  • Measure low-energy charged-particle beam profiles (< 1 MeV)
  • Simultaneous orthogonal scanning as a diagnostic tool for centering a beam
  • Scan Ø30 mm beam2
  • Controllable scan speed
  • Interchangeable Ø0.5 mm tungsten wires
  • Optional turnkey system and custom vacuum box
  • TRIUMF-licenced technology3
  1. D-Pace can provide a custom vacuum box. Contact D-Pace with custom requirements for a quotation.
  2. Wires tangent to beam diameter at maximum angle.
  3. Technology licensed from TRIUMF for world-wide distribution.

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Specification Apr/6/2016 download
Stepfile Feb/23/2022 download Oscillating Wire Scanner Step File


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