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Beamline Simulator

  • Model #: BL Sim
  • Last modification: Feb/16/2021

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Beamline Simulator is an easy-to-use charged particle optics program. The program's real-time dynamic tuning capability gives one the feel of “tuning” a beamline live from a control room. This program saves time developing new tunes, is useful for training, and can also be used for first order beamline design work.

  • Real-time tuning.
  • Envelope and multi-particle simulation.
  • Graphic plots:
    • Profile
    • Cross-section
    • Intensity
  • Element slicing for higher resolution plots and accurate collimator readings.
  • Apertures entry to simulate system collimators, vacuum boxes, and beampipes.
  • Beam spills on apertures can be tracked in percents.

Operators of particle accelerators, experimentalists, students, or any other person who adjusts beamline settings to improve beam characteristics on target will find this program useful.

Beamline Simulator software licenses are now available from AccelSoft Inc.

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