High Power Scintillator

Beam Profiler

The D-Pace High Power Scintillator allows for real-time monitoring of ion beams, providing immediate information during beam tuning and scanning. The insertable, water-cooled head has an Alimina coating, which scintillates in a on ion beam. The orientation of the head allows a radiation-resistant camera to view the head, outputting a live video signal which can be viewed by the operator. When not in use, the scintillation head can be retraced, and a protection shutter used to shield the viewport from metallic vapors. The head has a power capability of 2 kW of beam power.

  • Live monitoring of beam shape and intensity.
  • Pneumatic insertion of scintillation head.
  • Viewport shutter for metallic vapors protection.
  • Water-cooled, 2 kW beam power capability.
  • Radiation resistant camera, with remote control unit (can be placed in a low radiation location).
  • Capable of viewing beams over 100 mm square.

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