D-Pace Beam Profiling System

UniBEaM75 is a particle beam profiling system - similar to a wire scanner except an optical sensor fiber is used instead of a metal wire. Ø50 µm to 600 µm sensing fibers scintillate in the visible spectrum as they pass through the beam.  The scintillation light is transmitted through the short sensor fiber into a standard multimode optical fiber, which transmits the light long distances with minimal attenuation and no electromagnetic susceptibility.   The light is converted by a high-sensitivity photo sensor located in the UniBEaM controller, amplified, digitized, and displayed on a monitor. UniBEaM was conceived by the AEC-LHEP of the University of Bern and commercialized by D-Pace.

The system is a standalone device, requiring only the addition of a monitor and keyboard.  A TCP/IP text-based command set is in development. This will allow UniBEaM to be used as a slave device to a higher-level controller or to interface with EPICS over Ethernet.

The probes are very compact, and require as little as 82 mm along the beam axis for the dual axis scanner. X and Y scans can be conducted individually or concurrently.  UniBEaM offers significant advantages over conventional wire scanners.

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Licensed by D-Pace from AEC-LHEP University of Bern