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AC Scan Magnet

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D-Pace has developed the SM97-A AC Scan Magnet system that produces flat-topped raster-scanned (rectangular) or circular charged particle beam distributions on target.

  • Distribute beam power on targets
  • Use standard patterns or application-specific
  • Magnetic AC field strength up to 270 Gauss1
  • Magnetic DC field strength up to 250 Gauss
  • Scan frequencies up to 250 Hz2
  • Pole gap 97 mm
  • Compact laminated-core construction.
  • Magnets available individually or as turnkey system complete with power supplies, instrument rack and beam pipe

The D-Pace Scanning Magnet System is used to deflect a charged particle beam, usually for the purpose of managing power density on targets. Typically used in pairs – one to scan in the X plane, and one to scan in the Y plane – these AC magnets are driven by a dual-axis waveform generator and bi-polar power supplies, which D-Pace can provide in an optional 19” half-height cabinet. Standard patterns include Lissajous, circular, and square raster patterns. D-Pace can create new profiles for customers’ specific requirements. Power distribution on the target determines the scanning pattern required. New profiles can be uploaded via USB from the customer’s PC. D-Pace can also provide beam pipes or bellows with customer-specific flanges. 

  1. With power supply 20 A, 50 V, 70 Hz maximum.
  2. With 2 A, 65 V power supply (100 Gauss maximum).

An example application for this device with a 50 kW beamline for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy can be found in the following technical paper:  WEPMA004.PDF

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