Strip wound coil manufacturing

Many of Buckley System’s electromagnet coils are wound from copper strip. While this seems like a simple process, strict manufacturing tolerances need to be observed to ensure the coil works to specification.

Coils are wound around a former using copper strip and an insulation material (usually Mylar). Great care is needed to ensure that the coil contains the correct number of turns, is within the designed size and the layers of copper do not short out. Trained and highly skilled staff monitor every step of the process, making adjustments to compensate for minute changes in copper thickness which can result in large dimensional changes over many turns. When wound, the coils are checked, tested, terminated, then fiberglass wrapped before being vacuum impregnated with special epoxy resin and oven cured.

Finished coils undergo additional quality testing to ensure they meet Buckley Systems’ exacting standards and will give the long, troublefree service life that Buckley System's coils are renowned for.

This piece was reprinted by D-Pace, Inc. from the Buckley Systems Spring 2017 technical bulletin with permission from Buckley Systems Ltd. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.

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