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TRIUMF Licensed Standard Solid Target

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  • Last modification: Aug/26/2021

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The TRIUMF-type solid target stations are manufactured using radiation resistant materials such as ceramics, and materials to minimize residual radiation, such as aluminum.  The number of parts and, in particular, moving parts is minimized. Components include

  • Primary vacuum chamber.
  • Water cooling including four-way collimators.
  • Vacuum system.
  • Target.
  • Target transfer mechanism.


  • Typical application is for bombardment by 29 MeV protons at 500 micro-amps on target.

D-Pace has licensed1Solid Target Station technology from TRIUMF.  Technology transfer and commercialization is ongoing.

Please advise us if this technology is of interest.

  1. Technology licensed from TRIUMF for world-wide distribution.

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