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NT High-Current DC Proton Accelerator System

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The NT Model H+26.30 is a comprehensive accelerator system for DC proton beam currents of 30+ mA at 2.6MeV.

  • The accelerator can be supplied with a lithium target for neutron production.
  • The beamline incorporates three quadrupoles and two pairs of XY steering magnets.
  • The system includes a complete SF6 (high-voltage isolation gas) handling system on a pallet. This ensures rapid SF6 gas containment for servicing the accelerator. It consists of a storage tank, pumps and a heat exchanger.
  • The system includes a complete water cooling system (deionized & propylene glycol) on a pallet. This system requires just two connections to the customer-supplied water chiller.

Industrial and research applications including:

  • Implantation
  • Silicon and sapphire exfoliation
  • Contraband detection systems
  • Materials surface modification
  • Neutron applications:
    • Physics & materials research
    • Non-medical applications

  • High Current: Proton current 30+ mA DC, 2.6 MeV.
  • 50% AC supply power to beam power efficiency.
  • 15º dipole for mass separation & elimination of neutron back streaming (when used for neutron production).
  • Economical footprint - compact design optimizes facility space requirements.
  • Less than 2 hour turn-around for routine maintenance, including SF6 pump out and recharge time.
  • Modular accelerator structures. 15 identical accelerator stages with modular power supplies.
  • 100kW beam dump for tuning at full beam current.
  • Customizable beamline to suit customer’s application.
  • Proven reliability: Prototype system factory tested for 37,000 mA·hours at 30mA continuous beam, for > 100 hours/month over one year period. Designed for continuous operation with uptime > 98%.
  • Complete support and maintenance service packages available, including consumables, replacement parts and quarterly/annual maintenance procedures.

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