New Ph.D. candidate Anand George welcomed by D-Pace

D-Pace welcomes new Ph.D. candidate Anand George, who will join D-Pace’s research group in Auckland, NZ.  Anand will be undertaking his studies at The University of Auckland, and will utilize D-Pace’s Ion Source Test Facility located at Buckley Systems. Anand's supervisor at The University of Auckland is Dr. Neil Broderick. Anand will be studying light and heavy negative ion production in volume-cusp contained plasmas for both RF and Filament powered cases utilizing an impressive suite of beam diagnostic devices such as a mass analyzer, Langmuir probe, optical spectroscopy equipment, beam profile monitors, emittance/phase space monitors, and residual gas analyzers in addition to the usual Ion Source Test Facility readbacks on lens and bias settings, vacuum levels, gas flow rates etc..

D-Pace is excited to have Anand George join its research group!

Information on the Ion Source Test Facility (ISTF) can be found here.

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