3 mA Dˉ RF Ion Source, Turnkey

  • Model #: RF.D-3-30-SYS
  • Last modification: Mar/7/2018
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  • Maximum Dˉ current > 3 mA DC in 20 – 30 keV energy range
  • Long intervals between maintenance (1 year)– no filaments to replace
  • RF powered - no metal sputtering due to filaments (important for ion implantation)
  • Ability to pulse beam
  • Extensive beam instrumentation options
  • Uses TRIUMF-licenced1 and University of Jyväskylä licenced technology
  1. Technology licensed from TRIUMF for world-wide distribution.


The RF.D-3.30-SYS Filament Ion Source system includes the following:
Ion source & vacuum box

  • Vacuum system & gauges
  • Power supplies
  • High voltage grounding & bleeder circuits
  • RF amplifier & impedance matching systems
  • PLC controls & software
  • User interface & Ethernet-based remote controls
  • Mass flow controller for feed gasses Customizable with the following subsystems:
  • Ion source stand and RF stand
  • High-voltage Faraday cage / enclosure
  • Low voltage and high voltage racks
  • 40 kV isolation transformer
  • Personnel access control interlocks
  • Water flow gauges and interlocks
  • Water de-ionization system
  • Sliding Faraday cup
  • Fiber optic beam profile monitor
  • TRIUMF-licensed emittance scanner

A D-Pace news story about acheiving 3.5 mA DC D- (negative deuterium) beam with this ion source can be found here.

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