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90° Bender Magnet

  • Model #: DM-45.90
  • Last modification: Dec/14/2017

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  • Magnet Type: Dipole
  • Bend Angle: 90°
  • Clear Gap: 45 mm
  • Effective Length: 296.1 mm
  • Mass: 168 kg
  • Pole Tip Magnetic Field @ Max Current: 0.1858 T
  • Nominal Current: 4.26 A
  • Nominal Voltage: 15.7 V
  • Air cooled
  • Thermal Swtiches Activation Temperature: 82°C


D-Pace's standard 90° Bend dipole magnet for cahrged particles can be purchased as:

  1. magnet only
  2. with SS316 vacuum box
  3. with stand included
  4. with power supply


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Bill Buckly